Project nursery


Collective investment is the natural channel for the participation of the different economic agents in the capital markets. Its double condition as a disinmediated financing formula and as an instrument for attracting savings makes it a priority sector for financial policies in the European community framework.

The investment breeding ground are an economic development tool designed in order to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an arsenal of resources and services to help the Enterprise. It consists of three main elements for business development: an entrepreneurial environment, easy access to investors and, in addition, visibility and positioning in the market.

Our main objective in this area is to make possible the economic development of the areas where it is installed and to greatly contribute to reducing the closing down of companies in its first years of life.

It is in this context where VREIM offers a service for the constitution of investment structures not only aimed at the real estate sector of the financial sector in the current economic context, but also aimed at satisfying the needs for channeling savings and investment in the real estate sector, in the broadest way. The growing globalization and sophistication of financial markets means that VREIM contemplates a wide variety of formulas designed to meet the investment needs of different economic agents in capital markets within the real estate sector. In this way, VREIM will be governed by the efficiency in the allocation of savings to investment opportunities and in risk management, as well as the protection of investors.

We work with investment nurseries such as a tenure vehicle, real estate investment companies and SOCIMIS (Investment Companies in the Real Estate Market), pursuing the following objectives:

Reduction and diversification of risk.
Channeling of savings.
Outsourcing an activity that otherwise should be internalized by creating an own structure.
Creation of value in the medium and long term.